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My goal is to provide original cartoon and other designs that are interesting, humorous and sometimes thought-provoking.    I have been drawing cartoons and designing as long as I can remember and have been creating designs for products that lend themselves to cartoon artwork.

I have been a published cartoonist for almost 20 years and have produced cartoons for magazines, websites children’s books, advertisers, the fire service and much more.

Nezzydesign was created as the fulcrum for my art based websites and business, which I run with my wife and business partner Joanna.  Joanna does the bookwork and keeps an eye on the bills and money but her most important role is marketing advisor.  She has the uncanny knack of pointing out the best opportunities and subjects for me to illustrate.  It is a great partnership as she sees the way ahead and looks after the administration and I get to do what I do best – illustrations!

I try to be a little bit different, often quirky and always to put a smile on someone’s face and hope you like what I do.


NOBLOGO-copy-75x75Thanks Rob Nesbitt – A.K.A. Nezzy



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